New Website Design

Yeah, New Again...

My website got a new design, again...

Some may even say, this is not a design. But I would like to disagree. There is no website without design, but there are websites without CSS. And this is one of them.

Although I had already pursued a minimalist approach before, the challenge of doing it without CSS has always appealed to me.

HTML5 is used. And I make use of the numerous options to structure the layout and content properly. The focus is on the content. Nothing should distract from it!

I don't like it when websites distract you from the actual purpose of your visit. It starts with the annoying cookie banners, continues seamlessly with adverts and ends in overloaded designs created by huge frameworks. I know that this is how the internet works these days. But I don't want to follow it for no reason.

And that is why this website proudly dispenses with:

This website is designed for maximum accessibility, even for text web browsers like lynx.

Hyperlinks to external websites are indicated by an arrow symbol .

And the design is – of course – responsive because without being disturbed by CSS, it is up to the particular Browser to display the content properly.